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Paper Money Grading

Submit Your Paper Money to World Banknote Grading™

Please read the terms and conditions and submission form instructions below and then download the submission form to submit your banknotes for professional grading.

Once completed, sign-it, and send it in along with your banknotes and payment. We will contact you to confirm receipt.

Once grading is completed, a copy of your grading services order will be returned to you along with your banknotes.


Submission Form Instructions:

  1. Enter your customer information.
  2. Select both the (a) service type and (b) shipping service.
  3. List up to 20 notes on each form.
       Assign an insured value to each note.
       Identify any additional services requested.
       Insert pricing based on note values and speed of service.
       Total your order price.
  4. Contact us to finalize your order and discuss payment if you have any questions.
  5. Review the terms and conditions of your submission.
  6. Sign the form and make a copy for yourself.
  7. Include a check payable to "World Banknote Grading."
  8. Send your notes to be graded (properly packaged and insured).

Terms and Conditions

    Our Service Under This Agreement:
  1. World Banknote Grading™ ("WBG"), a subsidiary of Monetary Research Consultants LLC, is an independent, third party collectable paper money grading service. WBG is not a banknotes dealer or a buyer/seller/consigner of banknotes.
  2. Professional graders will perform a detailed review of your notes under optimal conditions, assign a numerical grade and provide a description of note characteristics. WBG will not assign an estimated value/price to your banknotes.
  3. The grade and information for each note will be printed on a label that will be encapsulated with the note in a custom-made and security-sealed plastic envelope.
  4. WBG guarantees the authenticity of each note graded and encapsulated, unless stated on the label. WBG may choose not to grade a note that it considers to be of questionable authenticity.
  5. WBG will exercise professional care handling your notes while they are in our possession, through the grading and encapsulation process and in safely packaging your notes for shipment.
  6. WBG will make every reasonable effort to complete and ship your order in the time frame listed in the service type. Number of workdays refers to non-holiday weekdays starting the day following receipt of your package.
  7. WBG will promptly attempt to contact you if there are any questions or clarifications required.

  8. Your Consent Upon Signing This Agreement:
  9. Customer agrees to include payment, contact information, and sign the terms and conditions with this order submission.
  10. Customer agrees to list all banknote serial numbers on the submission form.
  11. Customer agrees to provide reasonably accurate banknote identification information and understands there may be additional charges if this is missing or incorrect.
  12. Customer agrees to accurately estimate the value of banknotes and understands there may be additional charges if missing or underestimated.
  13. Customer agrees to identify when submitting a known forgery banknote for grading.
  14. Customer agrees to allow WBG to make image scans of submitted banknotes for use in numismatic research and commercial print/online publications. Customer understands they relinquish ownership rights to those image scans done by WBG for Monetary Research Consultants LLC.
  15. If WBG has questions we will contact you. Customer understands that they must be available for discussion or the completion of the service may be delayed.

  16. Shipping Banknotes Under This Agreement:
  17. Customer will ship banknotes to WBG in a properly sealed, tracked, and signature required package to the address listed.
  18. Customer agrees to accurately estimate the value of banknotes when shipping to WBG.
  19. Customer gives WBG the right to adjust estimated value of banknotes and adjust service pricing accordingly.
  20. Customer agrees to purchase proper level of insurance for the value of the notes they ship.
  21. WBG is not responsible for lost/damaged shipments or for the value of lost/damaged banknotes resulting from shipping.
  22. WBG will refuse any shipment that appears damaged in any way and immediately contact the customer if damage appears on the outside of the package or inside the contents.
  23. Shipping from WBG to the customer is fully insured in a properly sealed, tracked, and signature required package.

Paper Money Grading Services and Pricing

We have simplified the process and cost options for submitting your notes to be graded.

Grading fees are as low as $25 per note, plus shipping.

  Learn more about our grading services and pricing.

  Submit your notes to World Banknote Grading.

Improved Banknote Identification and Attribution

World Banknote Grading adds more to its label than just country, denomination, date, serial number, catalog number, and grade.

We also add exact dates if known, signature identification whenever possible, printer, and other specific characteristics beneficial to improved attribution.

To assist topical collectors, thematic information is also included on the back of each label.

We use an extensive reference collection of banknotes from almost 300 existing and obsolete countries as well as books, periodicals, and other research material to verify each note.

Direct comparisons with similar notes from a given country are utilized during the identification and grading process.

  Learn more about how we grade banknotes.

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