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Paper Money Grading

Why Third Party Grading (TPG)?

Not everyone embraces third party paper money grading for a number of valid reasons. For some it's simply different than past experience so any change is a challenge.

Since most collectors enjoy physically handling banknotes and examining them from all angles (just as professional graders do) they wish encapsulated (slabbed) notes were not sealed against future direct handling.

On the other hand, they realize that with encapsulation comes protection from both environmental factors and possible mishandling. This means banknotes are better protected going forward.

Finally, some collectors and dealers report having experienced inconsistency with third party graded notes so trust has become an issue.

Unfortunately not everyone (collector or dealer) is equally skilled in grading paper money. Those who have diligently gained that skill often feel just as qualified as a professional: no argument there.

Sometimes grading conditions are sub-optimal and opinions differ. When two parties cannot agree on the grade of a note, an independent third party grading service (which always includes multiple sets of eyes) can be beneficial or even essential.

Ironically, the classic disagreement over grade is often just a price negotiation tool. A banknote is what it is; whereas value reflects supply and demand just like the marketplace for most other types of collectibles.

Third party grading can help arbitrate uncomfortable differences of opinion about condition, freeing both sides to decide how much they want or need a particular note and what the price should be.

Paper Money Grading Services and Pricing

We have simplified the process and cost options for submitting your notes to be graded.

Grading fees are as low as $25 per note, plus shipping.

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Improved Banknote Identification and Attribution

World Banknote Grading adds more to its label than just country, denomination, date, serial number, catalog number, and grade.

We also add exact dates if known, signature identification whenever possible, printer, and other specific characteristics beneficial to improved attribution.

To assist topical collectors, thematic information is also included on the back of each label.

We use an extensive reference collection of banknotes from almost 300 existing and obsolete countries as well as books, periodicals, and other research material to verify each note.

Direct comparisons with similar notes from a given country are utilized during the identification and grading process.

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