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Paper Money Grading

Paper Money Show Schedule


January - FUN Show, Tampa, FL

March - PCDA, Chicago, IL

April - Maastricht, Netherlands (Valkenburg)

June - IPMS, Kansas City, MO (moved from Memphis)

Additional shows being planned.

Contact Us:

If you have any questions about the submission process or have any special requests (eg. collections, provenance, special numbering, etc...), please contact us.

World Banknote Grading
1940 S. Broadway #108
Minot, ND 58701-6508
(This address is fine for all shipment types: US Postal, UPS, FedEx, or other parcel services.)

Phone: +1.701.838.0790

Paper Money Grading Services and Pricing

We have simplified the process and cost options for submitting your notes to be graded.

Grading fees are as low as $25 per note, plus shipping.

  Learn more about our grading services and pricing.

  Submit your notes to World Banknote Grading.

Improved Banknote Identification and Attribution

World Banknote Grading adds more to its label than just country, denomination, date, serial number, catalog number, and grade.

We also add exact dates if known, signature identification whenever possible, printer, and other specific characteristics beneficial to improved attribution.

To assist topical collectors, thematic information is also included on the back of each label.

We use an extensive reference collection of banknotes from almost 300 existing and obsolete countries as well as books, periodicals, and other research material to verify each note.

Direct comparisons with similar notes from a given country are utilized during the identification and grading process.

  Learn more about how we grade banknotes.

Friends of WBG

Our notes are graded for auction houses and used in world paper research.

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